Basic Skincare Routine for Everyone

basic skin care routine

In this topic, we discuss the Basic Skin Care Routine for everyone. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it receives about one-third of the blood that circulates in the body. The skin can regenerate and repair itself. The skin gives protection, regulates the temperature of the body, allows you to feel sensation, and allows secretion.

Thus taking care of your skin is very important. The Basic skincare routine for everyone is simple and not complicated at all. Just follow these three components to keep your skin smooth and in the best condition even as you age.

Follow the Below Mention Basic Skincare Routine For Best Result


The first part of keeping your skin healthy is to cleanse properly. Find a gentle cleanser that would best suit your skin type. Cleansers come in different forms like a bar soap for body cleansing or in the form of gels or foams where you have to mix it with warm water. It is your personal choice of what form of cleanser you want, the most important thing in choosing your cleanser is convenience and performance.


Most skin care specialist considers moisturizer as the most important part of your skincare regimen. As you age, your skin lacks moisturized oils thus you need to replenish those natural oils to keep your skin healthy and restore its natural glow.

Moisturizer is available for all types of skin oily skin, dry skin, and combination skin. However, you might need another type of moisturizer for cold weather and another type for hot weather. It really depends on how your skin reacts to a different temperature. Moisturizers come in bottles or creamy moisturizers come in a jar.

When applying your moisturizer, use a cotton ball when you get it from the jar to avoid contamination.


Cleansing and moisturizing are very important but the use of sunscreen in protecting your skin from the damaging ultraviolet rays is important too. It slows down skin aging and prevents skin cancer. If your moisturizer contains sunscreen then you do not have to apply sunscreen separately. If it is not then you have to get one and make sure that you get one that is at least SPF 15 and above.

A basic skincare routine is easy and uncomplicated. Just do this regularly every morning and at night time. Make this a habit and part of your daily routine.

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